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From Lama Shree & family


Genuine and guileless Abodes of Refuge –
The Three Jewels and the Three Roots --
More specifically Avalokiteshwara,
Protector of the Land of the Snows;
Arya Tara and Guru Padmasambhava --
I beseech you to recollect
The commitments you have made,
And fulfill this prayer of aspiration
Of mine, in its totality.

During this Dark Age,
Various degenerative forces
Are manifesting
And taking control --
People are creating,
Through their distorted motives and actions,
Countless causes and theatres of
External and internal conflicts,
Giving rise to untold suffering
In many parts of the world.

Previously unknown diseases and pestilence,
Now afflict peoples
And those in animal realms.

Due to malefic planetary influences,
And those of Naga Spirits, Demons of Darkness --
Blight, frost and hail storms take place,
Famines occur and battles rage
In different parts of the world.

Climate is changing everywhere –
Rainfalls are irregular and
Snow and dew do not fall in time;
Earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires
Continually destroy life
Creating ecological imbalances
Throughout the world --
These bring about tremendous suffering
And loss of precious resources.

More so,
Wars which damage the Dispensation,
And countless other calamities,
Are happening everywhere.

There are many types
Of dangerous and destructive forces
Currently active in the Valley of the Snows
And in different parts of the world.

Please root them all out,
Destroy and quell them,
Quickly restoring peace everywhere.

May the Jewel of the Bodhichitta
Spontaneously arise in the hearts of all beings --
Both humans and non humans,
And other beings,
Whether seen or unseen.

Thus may they all be freed
From malevolent thoughts and strife.

May all people and spirits
Become friendly and affable
And thus may all everywhere --
In Central Tibet,
In regions bordering it,
And our entire world --
Attain to happiness,
Glorious wealth, contentment,
And come to possess
Mutual friendliness.

May the Buddha’s Dispensation
Increase, spread and remain extendedly.

By the power of the truth
Of the Three Roots,
The Victors and their Sons,
By whatever root of merit there be
In Samsara and Nirvana,
Together with the power
Of my pure and positive thoughts,
May the fruit of this supplication
And prayer of aspiration,
Be manifest as recited.

The Lord Guru, Jamyang Khyentse’i Wangpo, 1820-1892. due to his deep concern for all during these changing and greatly troubled times, would pray for the happiness of Tibet six times each day, and impressed upon Lodro Thaye, his heart associate, the importance of doing likewise.
Jamgon Lodro Thaye, 1813-1899, wrote this prayer at his retreat at Tsa ‘Dra Rinchen Dhrag on an auspicious morning in the Tibetan month of victory, during the waxing fortnight, to assist his memory in daily prayer.

Deeply disturbed by current events and developments in the world, this rendition into English, making it universally applicable, has been created by the Indian incarnation of its author, Jamyang Khyentse’i Wangpo: Khyentse Kabir Shree, at his residence Bodhi Kunja, Uddiyana, Dalip Mahal, Munger 811 201, Bihar, India on Feb 26, 2017, wishing all Trashi Deleg, mangalam bhavantu, and as an offering of love and devotion to all his Enlightened Lamas who are in the etheric realm, those still amongst us, our Vajra Companions throughout the world and all peoples and other beings everywhere, on this auspicious Tibetan New Year.

The translation done by Trulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, published by Orgyen Kunzang Chhokhorling, 54 Gandhi Road, Darjeeling, WB, 1970, has been used as the basis for this work. Rinpoche now lives in France with his brothers Rangdrol and Jigme Khyentse Rinpoches, and three sisters. His father, the Ven. Kangyur Rinpoche, was a highly accomplished Nyingmapa Master and Tertoen. He had manifest his transition early, c. 1976. Rinpoche had been given this name as he had given the vocal transmissions of the entire Kangyur around ten times while living in the Bay Yul or ‘Hidden Region’ of Pema Koe, southern Tibet. He had been integral to my spiritual development in those yester years and beyond.

May the Buddha’s Dispensation spread and increase;
May all beings be happy and prosperous
Through practicing the Dharma by day and night,
May they all quickly accomplish the Two Ideals spontaneously!

May all in this world be happy and comfortable,
May harvests e abundant
Animal husbandry prosper,
May auspiciousness be experienced by all;
And may the wishes
Of sublime contentment of all be fulfilled.


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